What happy clients say about our services


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Good value

We had to stay an extra night in Kampala. I searched online for a nearby hotel and found this one. We were very satisfied with the 2 double bed room which was clean with central control for A/C. The hotel staff were very helpful and friendly

Collins - Mbarara

Excellent overall weekend stay

My husband and I traveled to Kampala for a wedding and stayed at the Grand Global hotel. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend this hotel to anyone that needed to stay in Kampala.

Jackie - Masaka

A Gem in Kampala

We have seen the hotel for years, but only recently stayed for our anniversary. The Grand Global Hotel is a wonderful hotel in the heart of the Kampala. It is convenient to many city attractions

Ruffus06 - Kampala

Friendly and Clean Hotel

This is a wonderful hotel to stay at when you are wanting to be close to town. Staff at front desk is very kind and will to help with special accommodations

Mary Ann - Kampala

Favorite hotel in Kampala

High quality bed and bedding, great food, classy bar, simple breakfast is more than I need (hate over-eating while I travel), and the staff is incredibly friendly. Near great stuff downtown and has quick access to any of the highways.

Michael - Mbarara

My favorite!

I have stayed in a number of other high end hotels in Kampala, but I return (for more than 3 years) to the Lancaster time and again. This boutique hotel can not match the amenities of a large chain, but the quiet comfort and elegant size is like a fine mansion.

Paul - Kabale