Our Menu


Served Monday to Saturday 7:00am till 9:00am

Creamy Mushroom soup

Made out of fresh mushrooms, smoothed with cream and
seasoned with love. Served with bread & butter.

UGX 10,000

Buffalo chicken Wings

Crispy hot chicken wings served in a basket with celery sticks.
Choose your favourite dip from blue cheese, sweet honey or spicy salsa.

UGX 20,000

Spring rolls

Served with coleslaw, soya and a sweet & sour sauce.
-with chicken

UGX 12,000

African coffee

Made to the best of your taste

UGX 5,000


Fried to the best taste with the best spices

UGX 5000

Milk tea

Served hot or cold to your choice

UGX 5,000


Served Monday to Saturday 12:00am till 3:00am

Texas no bean chill

As it says,no beans. Only tender cooked beef.Served with
nachos, sour cream and pickled cucumber. Enjoy!

UGX 15,000

Honey-Mustard Chicken

Fried fillet of chicken served with a delicious
honey-mustard sauce and side order of your choice.

UGX 27,000

Pork Chops

Juicy marinated pork chops grilled to perfection. Served with side orders of your choice and gravy.

UGX 30,000

Egg burger

Served with a fried egg and cold mustard sauce.150 g of grounded beef prime rib seasoned with our own spice mix. Served with french fries, cole slaw and pickled cucumber.

UGX 25,000

Loaded potato skins

Potato skins loaded with bacon and cheese.Served with a blue cheese dressing.

UGX 16,000


Well roasted and spiced

UGX 15,000


Served Monday to Saturday 7:00pm till 11:00pm

Local food

Served with our African dishes

UGX 20,000

Fresh bean stew sauce

Made with beans, tomatoes, onions.

UGX 10,000


All time


All brands are available to your choice

UGX 2000


Diffferent types

Cold milk

Served chilled enjoy!!

UGX 3,000


Multiple brands

Mineral Water

Different brands and sizes


Cocktail made out of different tasty fruits

UGX 5,000